My blogs

I currently have a number of blogs that serve different audiences:

Gavin Ayling’s Politics
This blog is about my political views. It was started around 2005 and continues to this day, although there have been some almighty pauses in content-production.

The English Perspective
I am an Englishman currently living in the USA and so this blog is about my perspectives on the USA, from within. I had been a regular visitor before my recent move, so I have a few year’s worth of experience of the differences between these two great countries.

My personal blog
From time-to-time I observe things and I want to write about them, but they’re not really about politics (or religion, which I lump in with politics) and so they go here.

Out of the UK
When my wife and I decided to leave England, we decided to blog our experience as we had seen others do. It’s a nice reminder for us, of the experiences we have had so far, and I hope it’s an enjoyable read for other people too!