You can learn more about me by viewing my LinkedIn profile, but this page gives yoPersonalLogo2 smallu a proper narrative:

I was born and was raised in England and was not a very good student. I could do well at school without working and so I chose not to work particularly hard after I reached the age of 13 or so.

I cruised through my GCSEs and then struggled through my A-levels (For Americans: GCSEs are exams that British children take at 16 years old. In Britain, we do not separate Middle School and High School, instead calling all school after age 11 “High School”. At ages 17 and 18, we study only three or, rarely, four subjects – A-levels – more intensely before studying a related subject at university.)

Scraping a pass in my A-levels allowed me to go to university, but of course, because I didn’t work hard at it, I failed several times. Meanwhile, in the evenings I worked at a local finance company in a temporary role. When I eventually gave up university, I worked full time at that company, Legal & General. Over the next eleven years or so I worked my way up to graduate-level roles eventually finding my way to Risk Management.

While working at┬áLegal & General, I dabbled in politics, but found that politics was not for me… Maybe one day?

In 2011, I met my now-wife and moved to Just Retirement, a different finance company as a Risk Manager. After a while, I was earning more money than I wanted to spend and my mind started looking for a purpose in life.

In 2015 my wife and I moved to Thailand for a year where she worked with women trafficked into prostitution. I started working on my degree, having now reached a level of maturity necessary to do the work required. After just over a year in Thailand, we moved to the USA where I am currently writing this.

Obviously my story is not finished. It is interesting to me to measure my life by statistics, but perhaps that’s not interesting to others. It may also be interesting to me only because I am so very competitive.

So below this “more” link are some tables that describe me as well as a list of things I find interesting.

Hobbies: Computers (building, programming, being expert in), other technology, photography, travelling, eating novel food, science.

So here’s me in a table as at 6 June 2017:

Detail Value
Continents visited 4
(Europe, North America, Asia, Africa)
Countries visited 35
(see table below)
US states visited 16
(see table below)
Meats eaten Beef (cow), Beetle (Rhino), Chicken, Cricket, Crocodile, Duck, Frog, Guillemot, Horse, Kangaroo, Lamb (sheep), Ostrich, Pigeon, Pork (pig), Rabbit, Scorpion, Snails, Tree worm, Turkey, Venison (deer)
Seafood eaten Clams, Cod, Crab, Haddock, Huss (Rock Salmon), Lobster, Mackerel, Mussels, Plaice, Pomfret, Octopus, Oyster, Salmon, Sardine, Scallops, Sea Bass, Squid, Swordfish, Trout, Tuna, Winkles (sea snails)
Children 0
Nieces 4
Nephews 2

When I have repeated a visit to a country (such as France, Spain, Italy, or the USA) I have not entered it into the table below:

Year Countries visited Number Running total
Birth United Kingdom 1 1
pre-1991 France, Spain 2 3
1991 United States 1 4
1993 Austria 1 5
1995 Malta 1 6
1997 Italy 1 7
1998 Andorra 1 8
2006 Hungary 1 9
2007 Jordan, Egypt, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium 5 14
2008 Croatia, Mauritius 2 16
2009 Romania, Irish Republic 2 18
2012 Luxembourg 1 19
2012 Greece 1 20
2013 Iceland, Denmark 2 22
2014 Turkey, Zimbabwe 2 24
2015 Canada, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia 4 28
2016 Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Vietnam, Indonesia, Burma, Laos 7 35

US states visited:

Year US state Number Running total
1991 Florida 1 1
2010 Illinois 1 2
2011 New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina 6 8
2012 Vermont 1 9
2013 New York, Minnesota 2 11
2017 Virginia (and DC), Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan 1 12