What a Brit notices in America

Historically a lot has been written about how the two most famous English-speaking nations differ. We must not over-egg this, there are major similarities. We believe in freemarkets in both countries, we share an idea of right and wrong, and we generally believe in the power of the individual to shape their destiny.

But there are differences, and most of them are amusingly subtle. Americans, for example, do not describe a cold day as “parky”, don’t get into “argy-bargy” when they disagree, and they have many, many more adverts on their TVs.

On that last fact, I don’t know whether CBS et al are aware that they are pushing people towards Netflix and Amazon Prime. It gets really tiresome waiting for a show to resume after five or more minutes of commercials. And that after the patient TV watcher has paid an exorbitant fee for the cable service in the first place.

Why are cell phone service plans and cable service so much cheaper in the UK?


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